Zig Zag Racer 3 RTR – Race against time

We believe you should be able to access your Zig Zag Racer 3 RTR silver any time as it is highly relevant in rushing water. And while yes, it’s very convenient to take full control to measure a big water body. We recognize that you will be able to share your experience when you try this masterpiece. Its technology is improved and style is killing.

Zig Zag Racer 3 RTR Silver

You can organize race anytime you want; in fact, you can go against the clock tickles as you slash and dash through a slalom course or take on up to five other Zig Zag Racers in a waterborne grand prix. This is completely an updated version of the popular Zig Zag Racer has an amplified fully proportional pistol-grip ZX10 radio that provides more precise and natural steering.

The paint scheme and canopy graphics have also been updated for a new, smart, sleek and ever-so sharp look. People like its sharp look and want to push it to its limits. You can create the Zig Zag race course of your dreams with this Zig Zag Racer 3 RTR. We saw its image on Grayson Hobby, it is looking really fabulous. We hope you enjoy its ride and share your experience in even more places! However, stay tuned for more updates & to grow your knowledge.