Discover Extreme Fun with Ruckus 1/10 Monster Truck Green

It was extreme fun to have Ruckus 1/10 Monster Truck Green with friends! It made us discover fun and hidden enthusiasm. It is also great to talk about Ruckus 1/10 Monster Truck Green and hear its stories, while we cruise with it. It is simply a joy ride!  For some enthusiasts, though, the experience may be not good, but for me its non-stop fun. I have particularly no complaint about it. I think it’s good to hang-out and please our senses.

Personally, I enjoyed its look and ride; its speed varies that gives me adrenaline shot.  Nevertheless, here are few things that I enjoy, it largest vehicle in the Electrix RC line up. It is a dependable truck that is designed to take your backyard experience to the next level without breaking the bank. Outfitted with monster truck tires, custom chrome wheels, and nylon composite materials, it is a super dependable hobby grade RC monster truck out there.

It is made to be operated out of the box; the vehicle comes with everything you need to get started. All you need to do is charge the battery and then let it rip. Each Ruckus monster truck comes with a Ruckus tuned Dynamite 20 Turn Motor, a Dynamite ESC and most importantly, a Dynamite 1800 Speedpack mAh NiMH 6 cell flat battery, and a wall charger. Want to know more, please visit:

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