Grayson Hobby Has Been Quickly Responding To Its Customers through Its Facebook Account and Blogs

Grayson Hobby, a hobby store has been quickly responding to its customers through its Facebook account and blogs. They are maintaining healthy relationship with their customers through their blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn account also.


In order to strengthen healthy and synergistic relationship with its huge database of customers, Grayson Hobby is communicating through varied social media channels from YouTube to SlideShare. With consistent customer support and assistance, a small company with humble beginnings has grown into one of world’s leader in ParkJet motors and accessories. (Along with all of the other cool RC planes, remote control cars, RC cars, and other radio control hobby products they carry).

The company is renowned to provide RC airplanes of several brands like Dynam, E-Flite, GWS, Hyperion, Multiplex, ParkFlyers, ParkZone, RC Powers, Speciality and much more. However, customers can expect high-quality cars and trucks, car and truck parts, R/C Tanks, at the most competitive prices.

The company is committed to deliver large items like multi rotor helicopters, RC powers gear, PowerCombos, RCPowers Airplanes, and much more. For more information about Grayson hobby, its RC products (radio controlled toys, tanks, cars, RC airplanes and RC helicopters), product specifications, shipping, etc., please visit its informative website:

Button-Smashing Capacity of German Panzer IV Tank at its Best – Grayson Hobby

I recently wrote a short note on 1/10 TEN-SCTE 4WD Short Course Truck RTR that is superb in my terms with strong configurations. But in this post I will go through some specs of 1/24 R/C German Panzer IV, a tank that has immense capacity to destroy. I think it is above all your expectations with amazing and inspiring features such as:

1.    27 MHZ FM Band Multi-Player System!
2.    Battle Beam Target Included
3.    Battle Beam system challenges up to 6 at once
4.    Incredible details and digital proportional controls

1-24 R-C German Panzer IV

The best way to check its amazing configuration is to purchase it and take a full ride. Through this way you will be able to quickly learn if you have misunderstood its strength and capabilities. I do recommend you to enjoy it and make your senses rejoiced. You can experience the dazzling excitement of Digital-Proportional RC Tank Combat. It digital-proportional speed and control is amazing and leave you untouched.

It has independent track movement with roar. Rotating turret & elevating main gun. Battle Beam Technology & RC action allows you to challenge and conquer multiple enemies! “Fire” upon other Battle Beam tanks! Watch your tank “recoil” with every shot! Take “damage”—and defeat your enemy before they defeat you!  Head onto the battlefield with up to 6 tanks at once!  Practice your marksmanship before you head into combat!

If you have any problem with its specifications or features, just visit graysonhobby and enjoy the button-smashing capacity of German Panzer IV tank. Enjoy it!

All about Grayson Hobby

Grayson Hobby is the one-stop source for RC airplane, electric helicopters, sea plane, RC boats, R/C tanks, cars and Dynam RC ParkJet Motors. Their aim is to offer people with an easy and secure online shopping experience. Grayson Hobby strives to make itself the most reliable hobby product shop for electric R/C planes, helicopters, boats, tanks, etc. with the widest possible selection at the very best prices. We also guarantee that you will enjoy our high quality services.

We, at Grayson Hobby, welcome you to explore our website and find our superior selection of hobby products. We view customers as our vital and valued assets. We endeavor to ensure your online purchasing experience is the most pleasurable one.

We have the most advanced Internet technologies to offer you with safe and secure SSL encrypted transactions and much more. Please contact for more information on our premier products:

Grayson Hobby Presents Aeronca Champ 15e ARF (Airplane) at its website

Grayson Hobby, a hobby store has been presenting Aeronca Champ 15e ARF (airplane) at its website.

It is designed as an answer to Piper’s J-3 Cub, the Aeronca 7AC Champion has been winning the hearts of pilots since 1944. Its honest, easy-going flight characteristics just seem to have a way of soothing the nerves and restoring the soul of everyone who flies it. Now modelers can experience the Champ’s winning ways in stunning scale detail with the E-flite® Aeronca Champ 15e.

In addition to its near-perfect scale outline, this Platinum Series ARF comes out of the box with many other details, most of which have been completed for you. Some of these include a classic Champ trim scheme, instrument panel details, a painted fiberglass cowl with simulated exhausts and scale shock absorbing landing gear. E-flite has even gone so far as to construct the airframe as close as possible to the full-scale version. If you love general aviation classics, but don’t really feel like spending a lot of time building one, the E-flite Aeronca Champ 15e is just the scale stick-and-rudder fix you’ve been waiting for.

For more information about Grayson Hobby, its latest products (radio controlled toys, boats, tanks, cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters), product specifications, discounts, free shipping, etc., please visit its website: