Grayson Hobby Announces E-flite Inverza 280 Basic BNF Electric Airplane

Grayson Hobby, a hobby shop has announced E-flite Inverza 280 Basic BNF electric airplane at its website.

E-flite Inverza 280 Basic BNF Electric Airplane

The Inverza 280 Basic BNF is a collaborative original design by RC aerobatic world champion Quique Somenzini, full-scale aerobatic aircraft craftsman Kevin Kimball and aviation artist Mirco Pecorari. Its distinctive mix of performance, grace and potency offers amazing aerobatic performance for 3D, precision or scale flight, sized for you to enjoy at a convenient park or small field. Everything about its design, from its fit and finish to its outline, reflects exceptional attention to the needs of performance minded pilots. Its exceptional design reflects what experience has been missing from the world of aerobatics.

Features of Inverza 280 Basic are as follows:
1. Minimal assembly and setup required,
2. Hollow-molded foam construction with carbon fiber reinforcement,
3. High-speed digital servos and Spektrum Nanolite receiver installed,
4. High-power BL280, 1800kV outrunner power system installed,
5. High-performance custom propeller and matching spinner, and much more.

Customers can purchase it at $169.99 from their online hobby shop. Grayson Hobby brings advanced, improved, and innovative hobby products to market. They provide high value products at the lowest prices. For more details about RC products, electric airplanes, or (radio controlled toys, cars, RC boats, and RC helicopters), product features and specifications, shipping, etc., please visit its website:

Grayson Hobby Announces Electric Racing Plane, “Razzor” at its Website

Grayson Hobby, a hobby store has announced electric racing plane, “Razzor” at its website.

Multiplex - Razzor, Electric Racer, Receiver Ready

The Razzor is the latest in the Multiplex line of compact, electric racing plane whose modern looks and demanding agility command the skies. Built with Elapor foam and carbon-reinforced wings and tail, this lightweight aircraft maintains robust, structural strength while zipping through the clouds with incredible precision and maneuverability.

Its large fuselage hatch allows handy access for easy maintenance while the removable wing provides compact transportability. Equipped with a high-performance brushless motor and efficient speed control, the Razzor is an ideal racing air machine.

1. Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour.
2. Experience Level: Intermediate.
3. Flaps: No.
4. Flying Weight: 10.6 oz (300 g).
5. Fuel Type: Electric.
6. Is Assembly Required: Yes.
7. Overall Length: 23.4 in (594mm).
8. Plane Type: Sport Planes.
9. Power Plant Size: 180-280 Electric.
10. Recommended Environment: Outdoor.
11. Retracts: No.
12. Wing Area: 141 sq. in. (9.1 sq. dm.).
13. Wing Loading: 10.8 oz/sq ft (33.0 g/sq dm).
14. Wingspan: 24.4 in (620mm).

You can purchase it at $174.99 from their online store. Grayson Hobby brings high quality, advanced, improved, and innovative hobby products to market. They provide high value products at the lowest prices. For more details about RC products (radio controlled toys, cars, RC engines, RC boats, and RC helicopters), product specifications, shipping, etc., please visit its website:

Grayson Hobby Has Been Quickly Responding To Its Customers through Its Facebook Account and Blogs

Grayson Hobby, a hobby store has been quickly responding to its customers through its Facebook account and blogs. They are maintaining healthy relationship with their customers through their blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn account also.


In order to strengthen healthy and synergistic relationship with its huge database of customers, Grayson Hobby is communicating through varied social media channels from YouTube to SlideShare. With consistent customer support and assistance, a small company with humble beginnings has grown into one of world’s leader in ParkJet motors and accessories. (Along with all of the other cool RC planes, remote control cars, RC cars, and other radio control hobby products they carry).

The company is renowned to provide RC airplanes of several brands like Dynam, E-Flite, GWS, Hyperion, Multiplex, ParkFlyers, ParkZone, RC Powers, Speciality and much more. However, customers can expect high-quality cars and trucks, car and truck parts, R/C Tanks, at the most competitive prices.

The company is committed to deliver large items like multi rotor helicopters, RC powers gear, PowerCombos, RCPowers Airplanes, and much more. For more information about Grayson hobby, its RC products (radio controlled toys, tanks, cars, RC airplanes and RC helicopters), product specifications, shipping, etc., please visit its informative website:

Zig Zag Racer 3 RTR: Silver Boat – Grayson Hobby

Zig Zag Racer 3 RTR - Silver

Want to know about Airbus, based in Europe or Boeing, based in the United States, no guys, today I am taking a distinctive view and coming on to the Zig Zag Racer 3 RTR: Silver boat. I like it very much personally, because of its ability to challenge the needles of clock. Through Zig Zag Racer 3 RTR: Silver boat you can race against the clock as you slash and dash through a slalom course or take on up to five other Zig Zag Racers in a waterborne grand Prix. This very own pumped up updated version of the popular Zig Zag Racer has an improved fully proportional pistol-grip ZX10 radio that provides more precise and natural steering. The paint scheme and canopy graphics have also been updated for a new, sharp look. Included with every boat are three self-anchoring buoys, so you can create the Zig Zag racecourse of your dreams.  ZX10 Radio System: Your Zig Zag Racer 3 is equipped with a ZX10 radio system—which utilizes 10-bit, 1024-step processing for high fidelity control. It uses a 6-channel FM receiver with industry-standard 3-wire servos. The ZX10 radio offers you faster and more accurate control response for precise control and maneuverability.

I especially like this watercraft because it has its own dramatic significance. It can easily cross any passage across water. This type of motor boat is not like a tug boat, instead it looks very crafty and canny when speeds beyond its limits. It has soccer bumper and balls and the best things is you can choose from three colors available at the top hobby product shops like grayson hobby. Enjoy boating!

All about Grayson Hobby

Grayson Hobby is the one-stop source for RC airplane, electric helicopters, sea plane, RC boats, R/C tanks, cars and Dynam RC ParkJet Motors. Their aim is to offer people with an easy and secure online shopping experience. Grayson Hobby strives to make itself the most reliable hobby product shop for electric R/C planes, helicopters, boats, tanks, etc. with the widest possible selection at the very best prices. We also guarantee that you will enjoy our high quality services.

We, at Grayson Hobby, welcome you to explore our website and find our superior selection of hobby products. We view customers as our vital and valued assets. We endeavor to ensure your online purchasing experience is the most pleasurable one.

We have the most advanced Internet technologies to offer you with safe and secure SSL encrypted transactions and much more. Please contact for more information on our premier products:

Underlining Mini-C Catamaran EP RTR White Boat

Hi there friends! I am feeling impatient to recite about Mini-C Catamaran EP RTR White boat, I like it very much, and in fact the anticipation seems to go further. The information related to this game is highly engaging for many boat lovers like me. It works like a perfect machine and can go at very rate speed. It’s true that I was waiting for hobby product sites to cover its story, but that little paragraph published on grayson hobby, helped me even more.

It’s a fast and sleek for electric boat lovers. A dangerously exciting catamaran hull and a quick-accelerating 380-size motor, plus a radio and speed control are also included with this ready-to-run. The Mini-C™ also includes the battery and charger so all you need to add are AA batteries for the transmitter, and you are ready to hit the water!

Key Features of Mini-C Catamaran EP RTR White boat:
1.    Durable catamaran hull
2.    Steerable drive system for superior handling
3.    Electronic speed control with reverse
4.    380-size electric motor for quick acceleration
5.    Pro Boat® 2-channel 27MHz AM pistol-grip radio
6.    Magnetic hatch helps keep electronics dry
7.    Unique, stylish finish and detail
8.    Red and yellow hulls are available separately
9.    Includes battery and charger

So, I think there are few more questions springing in your mind, I may cover them in my next posts. I tried to explain some points to the best of my abilities and none of them are based on my beliefs. As much as I love to idealist things I tell you all; enjoy RTR White boat!

I want to know more about GTA 5 too, so if you have any information related to this game, please feel free to contact me via the comment field or LinkedIn contact author option.