Dynam P51D Mustang w/ Retracts (PNP) for Real-time Enjoyment

The new P51D Mustang by Dynam is a true scale 5 channel R/C aircraft for beginners and specialists. It comes with pre-installed electronic retracts for better experience. The amazing look makes it hyper-violent, realistic, and sensible in air and taxiing on the ground. The P51D Mustang is an ideal aircraft that is completely stable and capable of maintaining flight at slow speeds, too. You can easily master its flight mechanics. It is made from a high strength EPO-foam for added durability and reliability. Powered by a high-powered and super durable 850KV electric brushless motor provides a thrilling flight of over 50mph for up to 8-12 minutes.

Dynam P51D Mustang

With fewer gliding, you can control its positions in the air. In fact, it underpins fast and extremely slow speeds. You can address air currents while maintaining your speed in the air. It gives unmatched flight performance and its structure is quite stable.

If you want you can analyze its performance in open fields. I saw its stunning images on Grayson Hobby. You can have access to its specifications and features as well. Therefore, if you want to change the ongoing trend of fast and slow speeds by other airplanes, then you need to have Dynam P51D Mustang.

Learn New Skills of Flying Airplanes

I love to learn new skills of flying RC airplanes and helicopters and teach the same to my students! Whether my student is beginner or elite, I tell them each and every spec of flying and tell them about the newly developed airplanes available in the market. I like to fly high performance RC aircraft and keep them under my absolute control when it is the highest altitude. I always try to reduce my errors in the beginning and then tell my students about the same. I also minimize the conditions of crash by swift controlling through a special remote control.

This simply allows the student pilot to fly in an efficient manner. In this way, the student tries to fly different models with the help of other instructors. For the beginners, I recommend RTF that is perfectly ideal for learning the basics and beyond that.  Its one-box purchase includes the full range DX5e Spektrum radio with the 2.4GHz interference-free technology, AR600 receiver. There is no building required—just charge and install the included battery, mount the wing and tail, and fly up above the sky.

So, if you are planning to airplanes and helicopters, then keep an instructor by your side for that ultimate experience.  He will also let you know about the best place to buy airplanes such as grayson hobby, etc.