Light Weight Night Vapor RTF

Here, innovation is all that matters! Have you ever seen extremely light flying machines? Have you seen the nerves and veins of any flying machine? Think more, latest research and innovation has sparked a light and triggered best brains to develop ultra light Night Vapor RTF. It is very amazing and will attract your attention immediately. I don’t understand who has ideated this object, it is really wonderful. Without any sort of problem in its indoor flying, you can enjoy its lights.

Night Vapor RTF

Like the original Vapor® the Night Vapor™ is slow, yet light enough to fly in your living room, a basement. It simply adds more fun of LED lights that allow you to fly in the pitch-dark region. Night Vapor RTF also features an advanced modular design that makes replacement of broken parts quicker and easier.

Its weight is very less and battery is quite effective. It is an expertly-tuned model that can exceed your expectations. Its flying stability will give you confidence and you will look for Night Vapor BNF. I bet! In every practical sense, it gives the best flying experience as well as improves your previous experience. If you want to know its key features, specs or order it now, please visit Grayson Hobby. They also ship internationally at the competitive rates.

S.E.5a WWI PNP for Air-To-Air Combat

S.E.5a WWI PNP is one of the most anticipated combat planes. It looks very quiet, but has the power to take revenge. It is a specialist for air-to-air combat and has its own style of striking. It is a pure action hero of war fields and acts like an eternal legend. Flown by many of the British as well as American aces of the time, it was instrumental in regaining and maintaining Allied air superiority from1917 through war’s end.


It is totally realistic and its easy-going flight characteristics will automatically capture the heart of everyone who loves aviation classics. People often find that it looks old, but the reality is that it has enough power and gives strong control to the enthusiasts. It has proved itself very helpful in tough times.

Right now, I have this detail for you about S.E.5a WWI PNP. If you want to look further, you can visit grayson hobby. You can even purchase this model from their online store. They will deliver it immediately. If you want more updates or news regarding ParkZone Mini Vapor BNF Electric Airplane or Edge 540QQ 280 BNF Basic, or Icon A5 PNP by ParkZone, then please wait for the next post.

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Air Zone Revolution – Ultra Micro T-28 Trojan BNF

Thinking of air zone revolution? The exciting Ultra Micro Series edition of ParkZone’s wildly popular T-28 Trojan is a must have for everyone. It is good for both intermediate and experienced and well known pilots. Like the very original, it has gives superior performance and good for sport aerobatics but remains a joy to ­y at slower speeds if you want to throttle back and shoot touch and go. And, like the original, it boasts remarkably scale lines and a great looking U.S. Navy trim scheme. Best of all, this one is small enough to fly in your backyard or garden or street.

Ultra Micro T-28 Trojan BNF

It never disappoints anyone and never disrupts the pilot experience. As a pilot, I do my best to minimize air crashes, inconsistent landing. I think it is perfectly stable and all round performer. It gives a great opportunity to enhance user’s experience and one of the best things we can do as pilots is to measure our flights, time of flying and complete exceptions.

It is ready to fly and easy-to-control. It may exceed your expectations. If your goal is to have maximum flying hours, then this is the brightest option to consider. So, if you want to excel in your arena and enjoy the beneficial ride of Ultra Micro T-28 Trojan BNF, then start now! Want to see its features, visit: Grayson Hobby.

Another Amazing Stuff – Icon A5 PNP by ParkZone

Icon A5 PNP by ParkZone is another smash hit! It siply excels by collecting and dispelling air. It is simply incredible and people love to fly it. It has many users and it gives amazing pleasing when touches the limits. It has got powerful wings and balanced body to cut air currents. It enables high speed and also good for low flying zones. If you want to see its images, visit:

Icon A5 PNP by ParkZone-Grayson Hobby

Its key features are:
1.    Powerful 960Kv 480 brushless outrunner motor with a realistic 3-blade prop
2.    Quick mounting landing gear with steerable nose wheel to go from pond to pavement in minutes
3.    Full 4-channel control
4.    Durable Z-Foam™ construction
5.    This model is one of the many available for the Phoenix RC Flight Simulator

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Champ RTF – Grayson Hobby

“This is an excellent trainer plane. I am getting back into RC airplanes after about 30 years of not flying. I bought a couple larger airplanes but kept crashing them. This plane is like the box says. It almost fly’s itself. Very good trainer and fun plane to fly. One recommendation get a couple batteries, one lasts 10 to 15 minutes depending on the power you decide to fly at… “

by Pat Meyer