Grayson Hobby Announces a Weekly Special Offer to save $30 Off on ParkZone’s F4F Wildcat BNF

Grayson Hobby, a hobby shop has announced a weekly special offer to save $30 off on ParkZone’s F4F Wildcat BNF.

F4F Wildcat BNF

From Pearl Harbor through 1942 the F4F Wildcat BNF was the only U.S. fighter in the Pacific theater capable of thwarting the advances of Japan’s naval air forces. Though it was slower and less maneuverable than the vaunted Zero, its heavier armor, self-sealing fuel tanks and rugged airframe could often help a skilled pilot overcome this performance gap and live to fight another day.

Customers can purchase ParkZone’s F4F Wildcat BNF at $149.99 from their online hobby store. They need to enter the coupon code: PKZ1980 at check out to save full $30.

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Note: Offer good while supplies last. One coupon per order., order as much as you like. Weekly Specials valid from June 12 – June 18 and are subject to USA sales only. These specials are in store and Online. Showroom stock may vary. Cannot be combined with any other offer, specials and or discounts.

Get start with UM F-27Q Stryker 180 BNF Aircraft

Have you ever wanted to know how Stryker thrills or what to expect from a powerful Stryker. You can learn more about it from here only! In particular senses, it has its own Powerful E-flite® 3000Kv 180 brushless outrunner motor, which has already been installed in it. It gives it enough power to loom and zoom across the sky. Ever wondered, how it leaps in air, yes, it leaps through its damage-resistant rubber nose. What I should tell? You can take a quick look at Grayson Hobby.

UM F-27Q Stryker 180 BNF

It has the capacity to change history and write its own significant course of series. It has many important areas and properties that make it truly unique and enticing. It packs the punch of an E-flite® 3000Kv 180 brushless outrunner motor that is aimed to delivers high speed and thrusting performance.

It also has functional twin rudders, so you can push the limits with extreme aerobatic maneuvers like flat spins, snap rolls, blenders and more. Perhaps best of all, you get this awesome performance without having to sacrifice any of the smooth, predictable flight characteristics that have made every Stryker a sport pilot favorite. And if you’re new to this field, check out UM F-27Q Stryker 180 BNF and get started in minutes.

Drop us a line if you want to hear more about it!

Grayson Hobby Announces Free Battery with E-Flite Carbon-Z Scimitar BNF Aircraft

Grayson Hobby, a leading online hobby store has announced free battery with E-Flite Carbon-Z Scimitar BNF aircraft.

Battery with E-Flite Carbon-Z Scimitar BNF Aircraft

This is the E-flite Carbon-Z Scimitar Bind-N-Fly. The E-flite Carbon-Z Scimitar is true satisfaction for the RC pilot who desires flight performance and adrenaline pounding excitement previously thought impossible from a conventional aircraft platform. The fantasy-scale Carbon-Z Scimitar, designed by world aerobatic champion Quique Somenzini, bursts open the performance envelope with an evolutionary compound-delta flying wing.

At the heart of the advanced Carbon-Z Scimitar is a specially tuned Q-Power system harnessed inside a revolutionary single-axis, vectored-thrust propeller system. In combination with the precision of carbon rod hinged elevons and twin rudders, a refreshing level of maneuverability can be explored after less than an evening’s worth of assembly time.

Grayson Hobby is offering free battery of worth $79.99 with E-Flite Carbon-Z Scimitar BNF Aircraft. Folks will get heavy discount on E-Flite Carbon-Z Scimitar BNF Aircraft also they now have to pay $279.99 instead of its original value $549.99. Note: limited supply.

Exceptional Features are as follows:

1.    Dual rudder and vectored-thrust control on the yaw axis
2.    Exceptionally strong and lightweight Carbon-Z structure
3.    Digital high-speed servos installed
4.    Single screw access to the electronic equipment
5.    Effective front and side cooling inlets with interior venting
6.    High-quality socket-head hardware throughout
7.    Distinctive color scheme for superior visibility
8.    Ready to accept optional E-flite electric retracts (EFLG110)
9.    All components, including the nose and control surfaces, are easily replaceable

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Grayson Hobby Announces New Year Discount on BLADE mQX RTF

Grayson Hobby, a hobby store has announced New Year Discount offer on BLADE mQX RTF at its website.

BLADE mQX RTF-gryasonhobby

Recently, Grayson Hobby, a hobby store has announced New Year Discount offer on BLADE mQX RTF at its website. One can order BLADE mQX RTF from its website at the Special Price of $149.99 instead of its regular price: $169.99 and can save $20.

BLADE mQX RTF is sleek and high-tech. It’s an RC flying experience unlike any other. It’s the exciting Blade® mQX—the world’s first quad-copter equipped with the advanced AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization 3-aXis) System. The sense of precise control this system gives an mQX pilot rivals that of bigger quad-copters that cost a whole lot more. Indoors or out, breezy conditions or calm, you’ll find you can fly the mQX with complete confidence just about anywhere, anytime. And it’s so simple to set up—anyone with experience flying conventional RC helis will find it’s the perfect introduction to quad-copter fun.

Its Key Features are:

1.    AS3X® 3-axis stabilization system
2.    4-in-1 DSM2® receiver/ESCs/mixer/AS3X sensor unit
3.    Durable, lightweight airframe
4.    Potent 8.5mm brushed motors with protective drive gear guards
5.    Can be flown in “X” or “+” configurations
6.    Sleek, low-profile body with sharp mQX graphics
7.    Includes MLP4DSM 4-channel DSM2 transmitter with batteries
8.    Includes E-flite® 1S 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po battery
9.    Includes E-flite Celectra™ 1-cell DC variable rate Li-Po charger
10.    This model is one of the many available for the Phoenix RC Flight Simulator

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1/24 4WD Rally Car RTR – Is it my dream?

I hope you found this car useful — and that you go start exploring new places with its stunning range of features.  However, you can find some other examples also but, I am running this that’s why explaining this right here.  This is what I have realized about 1/24 4WD Rally Car RTR. I bet, you have this type of rally like never before with the Micro Rally Car. The world’s smallest 4WD rally car comes with everything you need—you’re ready to run right out of the box. It features scale details, including a rally-inspired body shape, micro all-terrain tires and detailed wheels. It’s so realistic; you’ll almost forget it’s a micro. But don’t let the size fool you—the Micro Rally Car is ready to conquer. Wherever you run it, indoors or out, this car will tear up any terrain!

1-24 4WD Rally Car RTR

Its features are:
1.    Innovative micro 4X4 chassis
2.    Simple bottom load battery compartment
3.    Threaded oil-filled, coil-over shocks
4.    2-in-1 ESC/receiver combo unit
5.    Losi 27MHz AM radio system
6.    High capacity 220mAh NiMH rechargeable battery pack with included wall charger
7.    Powerful, installed micro motor

So, enjoy it, in fact, for the first time, I enjoyed a lot, but now I understood the relationship between us. This made me more comfortable continuing to run it, for the first time, i could see it is running along like never before. Ohh hello, I fetched it from grayson hobby, an online store of cars, tanks, airplanes, & RC helicopters….

1/24 Micro Brushless Rally RTR for Amazing Shopping

With the holiday shopping season in full bloom, it’s vital to make sure what to purchase! So, here I am with 1/24 Micro Brushless Rally RTR. It is a perfect car, if you are interested in rally. Sadly, only few people know about it. However, is good to know about its specifications and features. In fact, you can find it at any online hobby store. So, if you want to improve your shopping experience then have 1/24 Micro Brushless Rally RTR in your bag.

1-24 Micro Brushless Rally RTR

Some of its astounding features are:
1.    4.8V 220mAh battery pack and charger
2.    2-in-1 brushless ESC/2.4GHz DSM receiver combo unit
3.    Powerful 8750Kv brushless micro motor
4.    Adjustable composite, oil-filled, coil-over shocks
5.    Durable, molded composite chassis
6.    Shaft-driven transmission gear differential
7.    Micro all-terrain short course tires
8.    Simple bottom-load battery compartment
9.    Threaded axles (no e-clips required)
10.    Beadlock-style Short Course wheels
11.    Micro steering servo
12.    Side nerf bars for collision protection
13.    Realistic front and rear bumper with skid plates

Ready to learn more about rally RTR! Check out it at grayson hobby!

Grayson Hobby Announces Discounted Price on Wild Scorpion 2200mAh 11.1v 30C – Lithium Polymer Pack during Cyber Week

Grayson Hobby, an online hobby store has announced a special discount offer on its Wild Scorpion 2200mAh 11.1v 30C – Lithium Polymer Pack during Cyber Week.

Cyber Week- grayson hobby

Grayson Hobby has been offering Wild Scorpion 2200mAh 11.1v 30C – Lithium Polymer Pack at $14.99 instead of its original price $20.99 during Cyber Week. One can avail the offer by visiting its website:

Special features of Wild Scorpion 2200mAh 11.1v 30C – Lithium Polymer Pack:
1.    30C continuous discharge, bursts up to  40C!
2.    Extra-low internal impedance.
3.    Economically priced!
4.    Factory Soldered Deans Plug
5.    JST-XH Balancing / Charge port (industry standard)-  balances the cells within the packs for durability.

Pack information
1.    Configuration: 3s1p – 3 cell – 16 ga wire
2.    Continuous Discharge Rate: 30C (66 Amps)
3.    Burst Discharge Rate: 40C (88 Amps)
4.    Charge Rate: 2C
5.    Capacity: 2200mAh
6.    Voltage: 11.1V
7.    Size: 4.08in x 1.3in x 0.94in  (102.5mm x 34.2mm x 23.9mm)
8.    Weight: 6.oz — (168g)

Note: It is strongly recommend that you never discharge your Lipo packs beyond 80% of the packs capacity.

For additional product help and directions, visit their Basic Lithium Polymer Battery Guidelines / Lipo Safety page before usage. (Charge/discharge). For more information about Grayson Hobby Profile, its latest advanced products (RC Airplanes, radio controlled toys, boats, tanks, trucks, airplanes, helicopters), product specifications, discounts, free shipping, etc.

1/10 TEN-SCTE 4WD Short Course Truck RTR – Quick Facts

1/10 TEN-SCTE 4WD Short Course Truck RTR is a performance full way-virtuoso protagonist truck. In fact, it is a great choice if you plan to play with your friends on fields with this adrenaline-injected truck.  I must tell you this beforehand that 1/10 TEN-SCTE 4WD Short Course Truck RTR is more than a truck and has nice stability on ground. It is good for people love looks, durability and agility.

It is ultimate with great RTR configuration! The 1/10-scale licensed TEN-SCTE RTR has arrived and it’s ready to dominate the short course. With a digital high-torque servo, an anodized aluminum chassis and a powerful, programmable brushless system, the TEN-SCTE doesn’t disappoint. It’s extremely durable and perfect for racing or bashing with your friends.

The TEN-SCTE comes ready to run with a DX3E radio system that features Spektrum™ 2.4GHz technology. It is packed with awe-inspiring features; the DX3E gives you everything you need to take complete control of the TEN-SCTE RTR. It’s tough to beat this easy-to-use radio with its modern Spektrum styling, interference-free driving and added features such as battery indicator LEDs and steering dual rates.

It also comes with a shorter antenna, requires fewer batteries and lets you run more than six vehicles at a time. The SR300 receiver also comes pre-installed.  Currently, it is available for $519.99. However, remember that its price may vary with time, place and online hobby store. At grayson hobby, it can be purchased at $519.99 with possible discounts.

If you have further questions about this TEN-SCTE 4WD Short Course Truck, then leave your comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. Feel the thrill, don’t underestimate its abilities, feel highfalutin reinvigoration and enjoy this truck!

Radiance of Multiplex Fun Cub Kit

I’d like to thank all of my readers who enjoy this blog and have harmoniously joined us for some or all of these hobby product reviews and announcements. You have keenly provided your invaluable ideas, suggestions and feedback to help shape our blog for the next generation blog. Some of these requests have already been addressed by us, including the review and ideas on Mini-C Catamaran EP RTR White Boat and many more, and others are sure to come in future. Stay tuned and stay in touch! Today, I am taking on Multiplex Fun Cub Kit. It is above all my expectations and as fun as you have never imagined in your life!

Multiplex Fun Cub Kit (available at GraysonHobby), is a super thing that can make you a pilot! The Multiplex Fun Cub is an ideally playful, multi-faceted plane that you can take anywhere from backyard. In the air, it’s perfectly unique combination of full 5-channel control with expansive flaps and over sized lightweight wheels ensures simple, shameless fun.

Key takeaways:
1.    Low minimum airspeed
2.    Ultra-docile flying characteristics
3.    Suitable for aero-towing sailplanes
4.    Detachable canopy for easy battery swapping
5.    Two-part wing for convenient transport
6.    Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle and Optional Landing Flaps

Rookies will love its ultra-manageable, slow flying characteristics and experienced pilots will enjoy its ability to perform spectacular aerobatic maneuvers. Optional accessory floats turn this already versatile model into an attractive amphibian. Join the FUN CLUB today with the spirited Fun Cub! Are you in FUN CLUB or working on any other airplane of same type? Let us know what you’re working on!

Grayson Hobby Presents Black Friday (shopping) Deal on Dynam Messerschmitt ME262 – PNP (RC Airplane)

Grayson Hobby, an online hobby store has been presenting Black Friday (shopping) Deal on its Dynam Messerschmitt ME262 – PNP (RC Airplane).

Messerschmitt Me 262 PnP is a Ducted fan Scale RC Airplane from Dynam for Advanced Pilots. The fuselage, wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizer are constructed by EPO FLEX and painted. With a fanstic warbird camo pait scheme! Dynam Messerschmitt Me 262 flies fast and agile and comes with PNP “Plug & Play” along with installed Brushless Motors, 60A Programmable ESC and 3 electric retracts.

The company has been giving a special Black Friday offer on its Dynam Messerschmitt ME262 – PNP. One can purchase it at $199.99 only instead of $269.99. For more details, please visit:

Key Features of Dynam Messerschmitt ME262 – PNP

1.    2 x Powerful 70mm EDF brushless (3500kv) outrunner brushless power system
2.    2 x 60A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC
3.    Factory Installed Retractable Landing Gear (servo drivern electric)
4.    Durable and lightweight EPO construction with many surface details
5.    Detailed Body Structure
6.    Suitable for both, intermediate and Experienced Pilots.
7.    Easy to build.

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