Enlarging Micro-Desert Truck

Micro-Desert Truck is the next Smart truck that I like it most. It became flagship device in a short amount of time. So let us take a look at its features, specifications and as well as it price.  Although, it is not the ultimate champ, but still it captures our neural networks.

Micro-Desert Truck is designed with the same award-winning features as the Micro-T™, the Micro-Desert Truck™ offers desert racing style in a micro truck that’s just under 6 inches long (about an inch longer than the Micro-T). Packed with a NiMH battery, independent suspension, differential-equipped transmission and 27MHz Losi AM radio system, the Micro-Desert Truck has the speed and handling to tackle nearly everything you can throw at it. Take it with you anywhere you go and satisfy your RC cravings with the Micro-Desert Truck.

Its price is as low as $89.99 and can be purchased from any committed online hobby store such as grayson hobby, hobby-lobby.com, etc.  So, in any case, have a look at the specs below to fulfill your appetite:

1.    Complete RTR, everything included
2.    Extended chassis for increased stability and scale looks
3.    Fully independent suspension with friction dampers
4.    Differential-equipped transmission with adjustable slipper
5.    Powerful micro motor for quick acceleration and impressive top speed
6.    Digital proportional electronic speed control with reverse
7.    Losi 27MHz AM radio system included
8.    Micro-Desert grip tires mounted on black chrome, micro beadlock-style wheels
9.    Portable charger included (powered by included alkaline batteries)
10.    NiMH battery pack installed
11.    Includes 8 AA alkaline batteries for charger
12.    Includes 8 AA heavy-duty batteries for transmitter

Thank you!