Ultra Micro P-51 – A Real Life Hero

Real life hero, Ultra Micro P-51 is a great fighter. It provides great experience to its enthusiasts. It is fast and capable to withstanding fast moving air currents. Without any temporal nature, it glides smoothly and sends chills to the spine. This real life hero also lets you win tournaments and can defy air traffic. You can capitalize on its balance and speed. You can easily manipulate it and take plunges in air. It is a sure fire way to achieve air dominance.

Ultra Micro P-51

It is most successful fighter of WWII, which can leave you in amazing condition. Anyone can experience Mustang thrills with this 4-channel ultra micro flyer that’s small enough to fly in the local area or right in your backyard when winds are tranquil. The ever so crafty fighter plane can be up and flying in as little time. Its battery is powerful and has great features.

Key Features Of Ultra Micro P-51 Are As Follows:
1.    Fully proportional throttle, elevator, aileron and rudder;
2.    Realistic paint and trim inspired by P-51D’s of the 118th Fighter Squadron;
3.    Steerable tail wheel;
4.    Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 AR6400 receiver – installed;
5.    Requires a Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2™ aircraft transmitter (sold separately);
6.    3.7V 120mAh 14C Li-Po battery included;
7.    Portable DC fast charger included.

If you want to read its specifications, then visit: Grayson Hobby. There you will find about its length, weight, motor size, rudder, throttle, charger, and much more. It is highly affordable and will bring smiles on your face!

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