Dyanm A-10 Electric Ducted Fan Dual 64mm RTF – A Real Air Ace

Looking for infinite power, booze and balance? Look nowhere, here I am with the Dyanm A-10 Electric Ducted Fan Dual 64mm RTF. It is also known as the Warthog. Known for its high-caliber and an American single-seat with absolutely smashing twin-engine, straight-wings, it has the power to jolt the nerves. In fact, it is especially designed to deliver non-stop flying experience. It is also used to offer very close air support of ground forces.  It was the first USAF aircraft, which was designed for close air support.

Dyanm A-10 Electric Ducted Fan Dual 64mm RTF

It was previously conceived for battle royal, but was later used for base support. It is finished from crash resistant EPO foam. The Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II is a good hit for the park jet enthusiasts. It has superb unparallel maneuverability even at low speeds and high altitude. It has large wings that support its power. Its high wing aspect ratio and large ailerons are very supportive.

Its design also enables short takeoffs and landings, allowing it to operate from the smallest and most basic airfields. Like all the planes from Dynam. The Dynam A-10 comes with a pre-painted finish from the factory with high standard and represents an excellent replica of the real aircraft.

You can observe its power and shine on real elevations. Drastic and amazing for big guns & ambitious personalities, it is easy to fly and control. Wanna grab one, visit: http://www.graysonhobby.com/.