Grayson Hobby Announces Dx8 Double Bonus Special – 2 Free AR600 with the Purchase of any DX8 Transmitter

Grayson Hobby, a hobby store has announced Dx8 double bonus special – 2 Free AR600 with the purchase of any DX8 transmitter.

GraysonHobby - DX8 Transmitter

Grayson Hobby has been providing Dx8 double bonus special – 2 Free AR600 with the purchase of any DX8 transmitter. Combining Spektrum™ industry-leading 2.4GHz DSM® technology with real-time telemetry in this DX8 represents a breakthrough in 8-channel sport-level radio systems. The telemetry module is expandable based on the module needs; the module is capable of supporting Quality of Signal (Antenna Fades, Frame losses, holds), Receiver Pack Voltage, RPM, Temperature and Flight Pack Voltage. Enthusiasts can add the safety of real-time telemetry and monitor vital aircraft stats right from their transmitter without any additional equipment. Keep your engine operating in the optimum temperature range, keep an eye on your battery voltage, and check out just how fast your aircraft is running all right from the large LCD readout of the DX8.

Key features of DX8 transmitter are as follows:
1.    High-speed 11ms frame rate with 2048 resolution;
2.    Large 128 x 64 backlit screen;
3.    30-model internal memory;
4.    Electronic E-ring electronically prevents overdriving the cyclic servos;
5.    Includes AR8000 8-channel High-Speed Receiver;
6.    Spektrum Data Interface provides expanded model memory, model sharing, and firmware update capability with the included SD card.

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