The Extra 260 3D 480 ARF – The first E-flite®

A good airplane is essential if you want to end your hectic day. That’s why, you must have lots of options to choose by your side to make every single day-out special. You don’t have to do this every time; just need to select an airplane. You can do this any time. You can shuffle the coin and choose, oh sorry, not a cool idea, but I can help you out, I saw an airplane, yes good for novice also – Extra 260 3D 480 ARF. The Extra 260 3D 480 ARF is one of the first E-flite® planes to use a new construction technique that eliminates unnecessary weight without sacrificing any strength.

It has super-lightweight construction, combined with its generous wing area, results in exceptionally light wing loading. Plus, its firewall is designed to accept E-flite’s powerful Park 480 Brushless Outrunner Motor, without modification. It all comes together to give you a fantastic flying 3D airplane without limits and with nothing but possibilities.

Key features:
1.    Generous wing area for lighter wing loading
2.    Large control surfaces for precise control in high-alpha flight
3.    Exceptionally lightweight balsa and plywood construction
4.    Designed for use with E-flite’s Park 480 brushless outrunner motor
5.    Factory-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
6.    Aluminum landing gear and steerable tail wheel
7.    Plug-in wings for easy transport
8.    Assembles in just a few evenings
9.    Covered in genuine UltraCote® and UltraCote Lite

These would be something to delight while deciding ‘what to fly today’! Other than that, nah…I think it is nice enough and light enough. Thanks for reading this little piece. I hope that it helped you a lot at the moment. Please leave your feedback in the comment section. Browse more specs on Grayson Hobby!

Flying Tips with Edge 540QQ 280 BNF Basic, Basics

Certainly not to promote any kind of airplane, but want to share that beginner should always choose a large flying field for their flights. It gives them pleasure and freedom to run, fly and roam around. In fact, you should avoid street or in another small enclosed area. Even if your airplane is very powerful and is capable of flying in such a restricted place then also you must restrict your practice. You must choose a large open, airy place for your first flights. OK now listen, today, I saw an Edge 540QQ 280 BNF Basic, nice indeed.

The E-flite® Edge 540QQ 280 BNF Basic is a flair and is designed by aerobatic world champion Quique Somenzini, has been built to provide exceptional precision scale and 3D aerobatic performance so that you can fly from a convenient location such as a park or small field. Beyond the rigid carbon fiber-reinforced foam construction, you’ll appreciate how its expert-approved control and power system features are installed to make it possible for you to get flying faster.

What else you want?

Technical Specs? Here they are:

1.    A 4+ channel DSM2- or DSMX-compatible transmitter with computer programming
2.    3S 11.1V 450mAh 30C Li-Po battery
3.    Battery charger for flight battery

So, where I was, yeah, some tips, right! You must avoid turns when the airplane is low; this will make your flying experience life-time high. Stay high and enjoy High-power BL280, 1800Kv out-runner power system of Edge 540QQ 280 BNF Basic. Browse more specs on Grayson Hobby!

Champ it – Champ RTF

None of the player has ever seen the Champ RTF and its burning guts and glory. It simply embodies the spirit of the megaton. It is highly cherished form of airplane. It is great foster enthusiasm in flyers. It is totally revamped form of airplane with modern looks. So, don’t cease your access and embrace the magnificence of Champ RTF.

Its small size and lightweight, durable construction let you fly with confidence in spaces as small as your own backyard without having to worry too much about crash damage. And it’s so easy to control you could be flying it like a pro in no time even if you’ve never flown an RC airplane before.

It is equipped with the Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2™: The Champ’s radio system uses the same Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology that is trusted by experienced RC pilots all around the world. With DSM2 technology you will enjoy complete freedom from signal interference whenever you fly. And after you teach yourself to fly; you can use the Champ’s transmitter to fly some of the Bind-N-Fly ultra micro aircraft from ParkZone and Blade. Visit grayson hobby to see its graphics.

Inspiring, isn’t it! Reach the heights and broaden your loftiest mission. It is a new idol with wings.

Red Bull BO-105 CB CX RTF Helicopter is a Creative and Innovative

Red Bull BO-105 CB CX RTF Helicopter is a creative and innovative chopper for freaks. It offers complete joy to the heli lovers. It is supposed to be a perfect Christmas gift for your loved one. It is a designer and mini helicopter with a difference. Its charm is growing amongst lovers. The bottom line for Red Bull BO-105 CB CX RTF Helicopter is that it is a premium grade that has finest control and exuberant abilities. It is faster, smarter and superior in comparison with any other.

Red Bull BO-105 CB CX RTF Helicopter

Its state-of-the-art 2.4GHz control with advanced Blade engineering and electronics make it all possible. And it’s easy to fly—you’ll be hovering like a pro on your very first flight, even if you’ve never flown before.

The Red Bull BO-105 CB is a highly-modified, 840-horsepower thrill machine capable of performing death-defying aerial stunts like back flips, rolls, loops and the mind-blowing “Chuckcilvak” tumbling maneuver. In fact, it’s the only civilian helicopter of its kind approved to perform these stunts, so if you hear it’s coming to an air show near you, don’t miss it!

If you want to see its video, checkout at: grayson hobby! Thanks to all of our reader for your support and involvement with us!

2600mAh 14.8v 30C – 4S Grayson Gold Li-Poly Battery Pack – Grayson Hobby


“This is a great pack for a great price. Compared to my other 4s packs of comparable size and C rating, My Grayson Gold weighs less and comes back cooler than the others. It has been 7 months of flying, and while the cheaper packs are getting a little puffy, the Gold pack still performs like new. I am definitely sticking with these ones in the future. Money well spent. “

by Jared Dunlap