Grayson Hobby Announces Red Bull BO-105 CB CX RTF Helicopter at its Website

Grayson Hobby, a specialized online hobby product store has been offering Red Bull BO-105 CB CX RTF Helicopter at its website.

Red Bull BO-105 CB CX RTF Helicopter

The company has been offering all new advanced for helicopter in the form of Red Bull BO-105 CB CX RTF Helicopter. It is very small and gives superior looks.

Some of its key features are:
1.    Advanced 2.4GHz control lets you and your friends fly multiple Red Bull helis at the same time without interference
2.    Replacement parts available to keep your helicopter flying like new
3.    Computerized Piezo gyro for superb directional control and stability
4.    Proportional rotor head servo for smooth, precise control response
5.    Officially-licensed by Red Bull GmbH Austria
6.    Includes everything you need to fly, all in one box

The Blade® Red Bull CBCX will fly circles around other 3-channel RC helicopters like it. State-of-the-art 2.4GHz control with advanced Blade engineering and electronics make it all possible. And it’s easy to fly—you’ll be hovering like a pro on your very first flight, even if you’ve never flown before.

Full Scale Info:
The Red Bull BO-105 CB is a highly-modified, 840-horsepower thrill machine capable of performing death-defying aerial stunts like back flips, rolls, loops and the mind-blowing “Chuckcilvak” tumbling maneuver. In fact, it’s the only civilian helicopter of its kind approved to perform these stunts, so if you hear it’s coming to an air show near you, don’t miss it!

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SR UH-1 Huey Gunship RTF Helicopter – Analysis

If you don’t know SR UH-1 Huey Gunship RTF, consider checking it out today. It’s a great chopper that is highly entertaining & useful. It is a new way to entertainment; you simply need to go out for speedy flying. Anyone can fly it without prior experience or knowledge. It is good for specialist. SR UH-1 Huey Gunship RTF helicopter is fun and it’s an example of high-end technology that is developed to chop air – that makes SR UH-1 Huey Gunship RTF helicopter different.

SR UH-1 Huey Gunship RTF Helicopter

Delving more, it was the first turbine powered helicopter to enter production for the US Military and is most famously know for its amazing services in the Vietnam War. This scale licensed Huey body is based on that famous helicopter and combined with the SR flight characteristics, is a great combination of scale and performance for a Ready to fly, yes always!

It is based on the popular SR RTF helicopter and is designed for intermediate to advanced pilots. It comes out of the box programmed to provide a softer climb, pitch and roll response around the center of stick movement. This, combined with the tough, two-piece main frame and lower head speed, makes the Blade SR more forgiving and easier to master than most conventional CP helis. Plus, it’s big enough to fly outdoors even if there’s a little wind.

This is just an overview of Huey Gunship RTF helicopter. It is available in popular hobby shops like grayson hobby, hobby lobby, etc. If you’re a customer you can purchase it any time. If you’re not yet enjoying Huey Gunship RTF helicopter, try it out after watching its video.

Electric Coaxial Micro Helicopter for Beginners

Technology is evolving in bigger senses in almost all fields. There are researchers that are continuously developing the technology to make something new and edgy. Today, there are many high-end models and prototypes that are highly innovative and creative. The products we are getting are the result of class innovation and inspiration.

Electric Coaxial Micro Helicopter

One example the innovation of technology is Blade CX2 RTF Electric Coaxial Micro Helicopter. It is an ideal radio control device that has its own persona and value. It is above all the innovative devices and can attract anyone through its smooth and soft glide. There are other devices also like car, plane, boat, tank and many more, but when it comes to shape, size, competitive edge and innovation, Blade CX2 RTF Electric Coaxial Micro Helicopter is the genuine answer.

It is perfect for beginners and has better control than any other radio control device. Today, you can find a variety of highly innovative and advanced form of helicopters with radio control that you can buy online, but it is above all.

There are many hobby product stores (Ex- grayson hobby) that provide you with the high-end radio control helicopter in different varieties. It is affordable and anyone can purchase it. Some of its key features are:

1.    It has aluminum head/hub, over-current protection PTC resettable fuse devices, 3-in-1 control unit and Spektrum™ AR6100e receiver
2.    Flight ready, absolutely  no assembly required
3.    Test flown at the factory to ensure proper setup out of the box
4.    Interference-free, 5-channel E-flite® transmitter with built-in Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM® technology
5.    Coaxial, counter-rotating rotor blades that make hovering easy

It is a highly compatible device that is easy to learn. In fact, you will get it easy to fly though you will find little heavy. Even you can find it stable in air. Its tutorials will also help you to become a helicopter pilot. This article is aimed to reduce your mind’s complexity about Micro Helicopter.

All about Grayson Hobby

Grayson Hobby is the one-stop source for RC airplane, electric helicopters, sea plane, RC boats, R/C tanks, cars and Dynam RC ParkJet Motors. Their aim is to offer people with an easy and secure online shopping experience. Grayson Hobby strives to make itself the most reliable hobby product shop for electric R/C planes, helicopters, boats, tanks, etc. with the widest possible selection at the very best prices. We also guarantee that you will enjoy our high quality services.

We, at Grayson Hobby, welcome you to explore our website and find our superior selection of hobby products. We view customers as our vital and valued assets. We endeavor to ensure your online purchasing experience is the most pleasurable one.

We have the most advanced Internet technologies to offer you with safe and secure SSL encrypted transactions and much more. Please contact for more information on our premier products:

Guide to SR UH-1 Huey Gunship RTF Helicopter – Grayson Hobby

SR UH-1 Huey Gunship RTF helicopter is a well known next generation of helicopter, in practical terms, you can browse its specifications from any hobby product store. For this article, I would be telling you about why you should prefer: SR UH-1 Huey Gunship RTF helicopter.

The Huey was the first turbine powered helicopter to enter production for the US Military and is most famously know for its service in the Vietnam War. This scale licensed Huey body is based on that famous helicopter and combined with the SR flight characteristics, is a great combination of scale and performance for a Ready to Fly.

This SR Huey is based on the popular SR RTF helicopter and is designed for intermediate to advanced pilots. It comes out of the box programmed to provide a softer climb, pitch and roll response around the center of stick movement. This, combined with the tough, two-piece main frame and lower head speed, makes the Blade SR more forgiving and easier to master than most conventional CP helicopter. Plus, it’s big enough to fly outdoors even if there’s a little wind.

 Key Features
1.    Scale UH-1 Huey Gunship Helicopter body gives that scale look in an RTF platform
2.    Uses the proven Blade SR platform so that you have a known and reliable set up
3.    Complete with the 6-channel HP6DSM 2.4GHz transmitter
4.    Factory assembled and test flown allows for out of box flying experience
5.    Direct drive tail motor power system for improved power and response

So, I think you will have super experience through SR UH-1 Huey Gunship RTF helicopter and I hope that I cleared your confusions about key features, for its specifications visit: grayson hobby. However, rest is yours to decide, after all its hobby!

Learn New Skills of Flying Airplanes

I love to learn new skills of flying RC airplanes and helicopters and teach the same to my students! Whether my student is beginner or elite, I tell them each and every spec of flying and tell them about the newly developed airplanes available in the market. I like to fly high performance RC aircraft and keep them under my absolute control when it is the highest altitude. I always try to reduce my errors in the beginning and then tell my students about the same. I also minimize the conditions of crash by swift controlling through a special remote control.

This simply allows the student pilot to fly in an efficient manner. In this way, the student tries to fly different models with the help of other instructors. For the beginners, I recommend RTF that is perfectly ideal for learning the basics and beyond that.  Its one-box purchase includes the full range DX5e Spektrum radio with the 2.4GHz interference-free technology, AR600 receiver. There is no building required—just charge and install the included battery, mount the wing and tail, and fly up above the sky.

So, if you are planning to airplanes and helicopters, then keep an instructor by your side for that ultimate experience.  He will also let you know about the best place to buy airplanes such as grayson hobby, etc.

Grayson Hobby Presents Dynam Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (PNP) at the Most Discounted Prices

Grayson Hobby, a hobby super store has been presenting Dynam Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (PNP) at the most discounted prices.

The Dynam RC FW-190 is another superb Dynam WarBird airplane. Most, if not all, the work has been completed in the manufacture process, from assemble to paint to installation of the electronics, retractable landing gear, etc it has been all done for you, even before you open the box! All that’s left to do is about 30 minutes of final assembly and radio installation. The Dynam FW-190 is an awesome WW2 warbird.

The aircraft is painted in a bright gray camo paint scheme which looks just as great up close as in the air. Like all Dynam aircraft, the FW-190 is made from durable EPO foam which is light, strong and easy to repair.

The EPO foam is some of the most crash-resistance material in the market (which you will not need since this is a gem to fly). The take off is easy from most hard surfaces or very short grass-field. The large brushless motor provides plenty of power which enables the Dynam FW-190 fly super scale. One can order Dynam Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (PNP) from its website to avail the discount. For its key features and product specifications, please follow: Dynam Focke-Wulf Fw 190 (PNP).

For detailed information about Grayson Hobby, its latest products (radio controlled toys, cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters), product specifications, discounts, free shipping, etc., visit its website:

Amazing Experience of Flying RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters is known for its mettle and guts to challenge the sky boundaries. It is ideal for people of all ages, however teens love it mostly! It is a perfect thing of fun and adventure for individuals. If you have strong desire for it, all you need to do is to go for it, following simple guidelines. Through easy to digest guidelines, you can easily able to get a powerful thrust in the air with RC helicopter. So, if you are little crazy about RC helicopter just put your hand in your pockets.

With the intensifying popularity of high-grade RC Helicopters, people had been amazed on its ability of flying too high. In fact, people love to fly these ultra-miniature flying objects in the air and controlling it remotely. I was previously looking for a Focke-Wulf Fw 190, but now I am planning to order a RC helicopter from an online store – Grayson Hobby! I used to purchase my objects from here itself. They provide specifications as well as possible discounts on the products. So, if you are longing for that amazing experience, just have it!

Nevertheless, it is easy to get started with it. Buying is also very convenient from the online stores. So, have patience and fly your RC helicopter successfully!

Advanced RC Helicopters for Enthusiasts

Most of the people are highly passionate about RC cars and trucks. They always want to have RC airplanes, helicopters and other devices to control at their own will. RC helicopters and airplanes are the best way to entertain children and adults. It is the greatest pass time and gives utmost pleasure to the friends, looking for entertainment value.  Today, everybody knows how to control RC helicopters and other flying machines. These not only look amazing, but also help children to learn more about the latest advancing mechanical and electronic devices.

Today, highly advanced RC planes are available to travel at amazing heights at the highest possible speed. They fly unlike any flying machines, while most of the RC devices are have the capacity to break any height record. The older models were unable to extend their speed and keep equal balance in air, while the newest expensive devices can easily balance in the air while flying. In fact, the latest high-end technical versions of the RC airplanes and helicopters are specifically designed to be simple to fly and cover more heights. Moreover, the new breed of RC helicopters is comparatively affordable and technically advanced than that of the spast flying machines.

People often select advanced RC helicopters that are fully featured and functional in nature. Their attributes are widely known from fully assembled and ready-to-fly, perfect for flying indoors and outdoors. Its airframe with carbon fiber tail for utmost balance and powerful 2.4GHz Transmitter and 4 in 1 Receiver for up to 8 to 10 Minutes of tireless flight time. The motor driven tail rotor looks good and it’s extremely lightweight boy gives stability to it. In fact, they come with amazing holding power, having AC/USB charger for ultimate convenience. Its rotor head mechanics have been optimized in order to provide the most aggressive 3D control response possible to its users.

Earlier, operators of RC helicopters had to spend hours in learning and understanding how to control their machines when it is in air. In fact, its landing needs proper experience and there is high probability of crash landings at that time. But, today, time has changed you can find multiple models, having high-end capacities, fine precision and power to fly vigorously without causing any trouble to the flying experts. Flying experts choose completely assembled RC helicopter machines that are equipped for aggressive 3D aerobatics with the kind of pro-class electronics and mechanics.

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One of the Most Useful Hobby Items – Helicopters

Once I was hovering through net and caught by the mesmerized picture of a helicopter and I got loomed in the fantasy land where I am running on the pastures having remote control in my hand and helicopter over my head. The very next day, I bought a distant controlled helicopter. I like it very much because has its own charm. Varied R.C manufacturing companies have already launched brand new and advanced and improved R.C Helicopters that have better stability and maneuverability.

I have purchased from the well-known online vendor Grayson Hobby; they have shipped me just in 1 day and from the same day I started flying it. Its experience is really heart-throbbing. There are various varieties of R.C helicopters that are highly advanced but the one I have purchased is my sweetheart. I can fly it in both indoor as well as outdoor.

On exploring more, I got electric powered R.C Helicopter; I like it very much and its design is ultra-awesome. It can be handled by both for rookies and advanced learners. It is quite supportive, maintenance-free and has an extended battery life for better control and use. It is simpler to fly and has a rechargeable battery.

I certainly love it because of its reinforced energy, stability as well as maneuverability to the user. I must say that flying devices are one of the most useful hobby items these days.