Enter into the World of Aerobatics with Inverza 280 Basic

Are you new to the world of aerobatics? Read this. It has improved agility in the air, it has great power to show you, its structure is mesmerizing, and above all, you can have it the reasonable rates. I am talking about E-flite Inverza 280 Basic BNF Electric Airplane. It is a charismatic and highly engineered electric airplane, having its own style. It is unique in terms of aerobatics and powerful in terms of flying. Previously, people were estimating that there are only few airplanes that can perform amazing aerobatics, but when it comes to Inverza 280, the things are very different.

E-flite Inverza 280 Basic BNF Electric Airplane

The Inverza 280 Basic is a mutual original design by RC aerobatic world champion Quique Somenzini, full-scale aerobatic aircraft craftsman Kevin Kimball and aviation artist Mirco Pecorari. Never before has an aerobatic aircraft been developed with a more dynamic team effort. It’s amazing and discrete blend of performance, grace and potency offers superior aerobatic performance for 3D, precision or scale flight, sized for you to enjoy at a convenient park or small field.

Its magnetic top and bottom hatches provide instant access, which gravitates most of the flying enthusiasts. I think these insights are enough to tell its legendary story. If you want to know its flexibility, design specifications, features, efficiency, and flying attitude, just visit Grayson Hobby. It will definitely convert your mind.

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