The Extra 260 3D 480 ARF – The first E-flite®

A good airplane is essential if you want to end your hectic day. That’s why, you must have lots of options to choose by your side to make every single day-out special. You don’t have to do this every time; just need to select an airplane. You can do this any time. You can shuffle the coin and choose, oh sorry, not a cool idea, but I can help you out, I saw an airplane, yes good for novice also – Extra 260 3D 480 ARF. The Extra 260 3D 480 ARF is one of the first E-flite® planes to use a new construction technique that eliminates unnecessary weight without sacrificing any strength.

It has super-lightweight construction, combined with its generous wing area, results in exceptionally light wing loading. Plus, its firewall is designed to accept E-flite’s powerful Park 480 Brushless Outrunner Motor, without modification. It all comes together to give you a fantastic flying 3D airplane without limits and with nothing but possibilities.

Key features:
1.    Generous wing area for lighter wing loading
2.    Large control surfaces for precise control in high-alpha flight
3.    Exceptionally lightweight balsa and plywood construction
4.    Designed for use with E-flite’s Park 480 brushless outrunner motor
5.    Factory-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
6.    Aluminum landing gear and steerable tail wheel
7.    Plug-in wings for easy transport
8.    Assembles in just a few evenings
9.    Covered in genuine UltraCote® and UltraCote Lite

These would be something to delight while deciding ‘what to fly today’! Other than that, nah…I think it is nice enough and light enough. Thanks for reading this little piece. I hope that it helped you a lot at the moment. Please leave your feedback in the comment section. Browse more specs on Grayson Hobby!

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