1/24 4WD Micro Truggy RTR – More than your Musing

Last night, I was thinking about my 1/24 4WD Micro Truggy RTR, something I like it very much, may be! It is a real world entertainment and can shock whole senses to the bones asking for more fun and eye-rolling speed. Most websites grew to its height and offering videos, specification, but still I think it’s less to describe its attributes. Everyone says it is great and strictly balanced on the fields. All of this shakes my head. It is purely fictional as far as real world fun is concerned.


You can take the 1/24-scale 4WD Micro Truggy with you wherever you go. Indoors or even outdoor, you’ll have a nice blast with this durable, easy-to-use micro. Everything you need to get up and running is included in the box, even the batteries and transmitter. This truck is based on the 1/8-scale 8IGHT-T™ Truggy, so it comes with superstar parts, including a powerful micro motor, coil-over oil-filled shocks, a long-lasting rechargeable battery pack and much more.

I have already told you that I like this and was my big dream at one time. Just like no one can catch an airplane due to speed, no truck can match its speed and attributes. I would love to have your comments but keep mind that this article doesn’t represent anything. If you want to see its key features, visit grayson hobby!

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