BLADE mQX RTF for New Year Quad-Copter Fun

For those that don’t know what a BLADE mQX RTF is and its features! Many times few websites might be taking about BLADE mQX RTF for its amazing features. Here I am taking it for traction; BLADE mQX RTF is sleek and high-tech. It’s an RC flying experience unlike any other. It’s the exciting Blade® mQX—the world’s first quad-copter equipped with the advanced AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization 3-aXis) System. The sense of precise control this system gives an mQX pilot rivals that of bigger quad-copters that cost a whole lot more.

BLADE mQX RTF-gryasonhobby

Indoors or out, breezy conditions or calm, you’ll find you can fly the BLADE mQX RTF with complete confidence just about anywhere, anytime. And it’s so simple to set up—anyone with experience flying conventional RC helis will find it’s the perfect introduction to quad-copter fun.

Its Key Features are:
1.    AS3X® 3-axis stabilization system
2.    4-in-1 DSM2® receiver/ESCs/mixer/AS3X sensor unit
3.    Durable, lightweight airframe
4.    Potent 8.5mm brushed motors with protective drive gear guards
5.    Can be flown in “X” or “+” configurations
6.    Sleek, low-profile body with sharp mQX graphics
7.    Includes MLP4DSM 4-channel DSM2 transmitter with batteries
8.    Includes E-flite® 1S 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po battery
9.    Includes E-flite Celectra™ 1-cell DC variable rate Li-Po charger

If you’re interested in learning more and finding more information about BLADE mQX RTF, you can just visit our website – grayson hobby.

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