Dynam Grand Cruiser w/ retracts Twin Engine Brushless (RTF) – Experience

There are several juicy rumors surrounding Grand Cruiser. Some are saying that it’s not good at height and cannot cope up with the conditions of air pressure. But, Grand Cruiser is a Large Cessna 310 / Grand Cruiser Twin Motor airplanes made with EPO semi flexible foam and as amazing as any other plane. It has a great scale-look as well as details. It is great for learners and can entertain for hours.

It also has two preinstalled powerful brushless motor and 3-Bladed Prop. All servos, Retratable tricyclylanding gear, Speed Controllers (ESC), and Powerful brushless motors are preinstalled from the Factory. Personally my take is a little different and I like it very much. I think it’s a perfect protagonist and going to be a rock star in no time.  I have always dreamt to reach at the top by whatever means possible, but this time it’s none other than Grand Cruiser.

Its flaps are designed in the wing for those who love to modify their airplanes. (2 additional servos required for flaps). The EPO foam is some of the most crash-resistance material in the market (which you will not need since this is a gem to fly).

This is it for now. This article will be updated as soon as new updates hit the hobby product stores (graysonhobby).

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