Blizzard Showdown

I know that the Blizzard is a high-performance Sport Liner model that pushes all the boundaries of technological spectrum. It is specially built with the highest quality materials. It utilizes Glass Reinforced Plastic and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic spars to give it the rigidity needed for its high performance flight characteristics.

Its features are:
1.    Builds as a Glider or a Power Plane
2.    Ultra-broad speed range
3.    Low sink rate
4.    Excellent glide angle
5.    Landing aid – both ailerons raised
6.    Pre-fabricated molded ELAPOR® parts
7.    High-quality plastic components

If you look carefully, you will see that it has got high potential and attitude to cross border; it is a power pack model that has enough power for vertical hand-launches, breath-taking high-speed passes and thanks to the thin 8.9% airfoil the Blizzard is no slouch when it comes to riding the thermals either.

In short, you many never face any disappointment. So, it would be great to fly with your friend! I would like you to take your time while flying Multiplex Blizzard Glider ARF and make the best decision. For any other information on its features or specification, please leave a comment.

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