All about Dynam Twin Peak

Hi Dynam Twin Peaks lovers! It is time to discuss its elegance and looks right here! It is all about Dynam Twin Peaks and its performance and power that it boasts. I am a big fan of Dynam Twin Peaks and reviewed it as it arrived in the stores. It even does not matter how many of you have purchased it and find it most suitable for you, but let me tell you one thing it is above the boundaries of expectations!

Many of the similar planes may have won the accolades for smooth functioning and flying high, but it has its own charm, which a fan like me can expound. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss its features, which makes it perfectly amazing and ideal choice for the airplane lovers!

Key Features of Dynam Twin Peaks:
1.    Powerful BM3720 – 650KV out runner brushless power system
2.    50A Brushless ESC with Switch-Mode BEC
3.    Phenomenal 3D capable
4.    Durable and lightweight EPO construction with many surface details
5.    Detailed Body Structure
6.    Suitable for both, intermediate and Experienced Pilots.
7.    Easy to build. – Plan a bit longer build times than most dynam ARFs

You must know that Dynam Twin Peaks is flag-waving device for the flying machine lovers! Taking that into consideration and thinking like an expert, I would say that just look at its build quality with high-concept biplane design.

Nevertheless, the Dynam ‘twin’ Peaks will give beginner to expert pilots an amazing scale aerobatic experience unlike any other. The large wing area and light wing loading of its biplane design offers very forgiving flight characteristics while keeping roll response crisp and precise. The power plant has plenty of power for port or scale aerobatics, the Dynam Peaks will do whatever you ask and will look good doing it. You can find it any dedicated online hobby product store such as grayson hobby! Please leave your own insights for the Dynam Peak! Thanks!

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