Experience of Dynam PBY Catalina Twin Engine Sea Plane – Blue RTF

I always want to have a seaplane to fulfill my dreams. One of my friends presented me a colorful (Sea Plane – Blue RTF) seaplane on my last birthday; I was wondering how he comes to know. He also guided me to fly it using its immense capacities and features like durable and lightweight EPO construction with many surface details, high-end flight performance as well as never forgetting detailed body structure.

You can fly it for 8-10 minutes uninterruptedly. You can have more fun if you are with your friends on a sunny holiday and remote in your hand. All in all, it is a very unique seaplane with super design that is super stable and capable of maintaining flight at super slow speeds. My friend bought it from an online store, grayson hobby. I will visit it to check out its other offerings. If possible I’ll make purchase from its website.

I love my Catalina seaplane because it swings easily and returns swiftly. It seems like we are a motion star, reconfirming the motion of flight! Impressive experience…

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